Top 5 London Parks

Whilst doing a bit of research before writing this piece, I found out – to my greatest surprise – that London is one of the world’s greenest capitals… In fact as the Indipendent has mentioned in one of its articles: “if you include the 3.8million gardens in the capital, plus all the parks, nature reserves, graveyards and playing fields, 47 per cent of London is green, while 60 per cent is classified as “open space”. Interesting.

True fact is that London parks are a perfect place for relaxing, playing sports, make the kids play and also host a bunch of open air concerts and festivals and there’s plenty of them.

Here are the Top 5 and biggest London Parks:

1) Hyde Park



If you are going to visit London,  even if only for a day or two, you might end up wandering in the middle of Hyde Park to rest from the craziness of the City.

Central and huge: about 1.5 miles long and about a mile wide. One of the largest of Royal Parks and oldest boating lake. The Serpentine is home to ducks, coots, swans and grebes, and is also a place of historic interest.

Close to Marble Arch there’s the Speaker’s Corner, a place where public speaking, debate and discussion are allowed, back in the 19th Century was a spot where mass and public demonstrations took place and so it is today.

2) The Regent’s Park


The Regent’s Park covers 395 acres and includes Queen Mary’s Gardens. It’s also the home of the London Zoo. Nice thing to do it’d be taking a Canal Boat from Camden to Little Venice

3) Richmond Park


Beautiful Park and the largest amongst the Royal’s. Also the home of free roaming red and fallow deer, as you can see from the image above. This park is distant only 30 mins from Central London and it is exactly how you’ll imagine the English Countryside. It covers almost 2500 acres, and  if you head towards the edge you’ll be astonished by the fantastic panoramas of the capital.

4) St. James’s Park


Surrounded by three Royal Palaces and one of the prettiest for me.It’s within walking distance from Trafalgar Square and home of some nice pelicans.

5) Victoria Park



Locally known as “Vicky Park”, was London first Public Park has opened in the East end in 1845. Apparently the Victorians saw parks as instruments to improve the body. Home of some of the biggest festivals such as Lovebox and Field Day.

Other events that are hosted in Victoria Park are:

– Citadel Festival

– London Flower Show

During Easter break, in one of my strolls around the City, I ended up at the Mudchute Countryside Farm

I was pleased to acknowledge the fact that, very close from where I live at the moment, you can have the feel of being at the Countryside.

It’s very easy to walk around and the park offer an amazing view of Canary Wharf as well as some animals along the way!


foto 5


foto 3


London Parks are definite a good way to escape the bustle of the City and now that the warm months are about to come you might have a clearer idea of what London has to offer on the green side!



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