OOTD: Wandering around South Kensington

Styling your wardrobe in a climate like London during spring time is nothing but a layering game.

You can literally experience four seasons in a day: entering the tube when is sunny and hot outside and getting out when is dark and pouring down with no hopes on earth of a dim ray of light. Therefore, sometimes, there’s no choice left but to throw on this and throw on that just so you can stay warm and fresh when needed = Layering.

In this instances, I do miss my Italian Mediterranean Springs just because of the “decidedness” of the weather that made my life much more simple.

While here in London, the weather is consistently wet, windy and cold which just forces me to leave behind my Mediterranean logic and, instead, grab my warmest outfits and pullover sweater along with my (always-on-me) Chelsea boots.

This time around though I decided to show a little bit more of the “fashionista logic” and put aside my most comfortable looks for a day. And here’s the result:


south Kensington
Photo By Roman in London


backless top
Backless Top. Photo by Daniela Cadore


Tory Burch Wedges
Tory Burch Wedges. Photo By Daniela Cadore


…Hope you’ll like it!

Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Camel Coat: Glassworks

Shoes: Tory Burch

Backless Top: Stradivarius

A Roman In London

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