Hiking trip in Otford, Kent


Hiking is a different and healthy way to spend your spare time, especially when you live in the UK and you can take advantage of the many beautiful spots that the Country Side has to offer just at your door step.

In this post I’ll let you know about the hike I did a few days ago In Kent: Starting From Otford Station via Darent River to the ruins of the Ancient Roman Villa and back to London Victoria from Eynsford Station.



Pretty House in Otford Village. Photo by Roman in London

The tranquil Darent River flows from the hills near Sevenoaks down to the River Thames at Dartford.

It is a 19-mile walk but there are different paths or walks that you can choose depending on your level of expertise and endurance, my walk from Otford Station to Eynsford was a good 3 hours long, although we were a big group of around 40 people and took many ‘photo breaks’ as well as a lunch break in the meantime. As a first-timer, I must say that it wasn’t a particularly difficult trek, although a lot of it depends from the fastness of the pace.


Medieval House in Otford. Photo By Roman In London
In this route, there’s a  narrow but picturesque footpath that you can follow, which runs parallel to the river that flows through the valley. Definitely a nice change from the usual daily hustle and bustle of London!
Photo by Roman In London
Deep Green. Photo By Roman In London


A nice Pony cheered us along the route. Photo by Roman In London


Photo By Roman in London


Photo By Roman In London



Once you get to the Lullingstone visitor center, you can also visit the Lullingstone Roman Villa which is open to the public but you’ll need to purchase a ticket for that, I haven’t got the time but I’ve been told that it’s definitely worth a visit, well… perhaps next time! Apparently, the remains of the villa, which were discovered accidentally by workmen digging holes during the mid 18th century, include several very well preserved mosaic floors.
Continuing to the path you’ll pass through the nine arched red brick Eynsford railway viaduct that was built in 1859 (pictured below).
Photo By Roman In London


Photo By Roman In London.

The Darent Valley Path directs you away from Eynsford but I would recommend you make a diversion away from the path and take a look at the very picturesque and historic village itself.

Eynsford. Photo By Roman In London

Continuing along the path and approaching Eynsford, I came across the ruins of another ancient villa.


Ruins of Roman Villa. Photo By Roman In London

It was an absolute fun and made few friends along the way which is definitely a plus! Let me know if you have any questions in case you are thinking to try it x

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