The best “Investment bags” to buy


When it comes to Women’s Accessories, not an entire blog would be able to fulfil the scope of explaining the different nuances each pair of shoes or bags have (at least for how I see it.) So, I decided to start from the basics and to describe what – in my humble opinion – are the top essential bags that will last you a lifetime and, therefore, worth the investment. (In case you needed an actual reason)

Bags are for me a piece of home when I’m away, a reassurance that all I need is safe (and with me) and, of course, a complement to my outfit. Therefore, having a bag that stores all my things and at the same time looks good is a priority for me. My ideal handbag? Both practical and stylish. But let’s see what the market has to offer for all the other tastes:

1 The modern Backpack

Leather backpack
Leather backpack


Over the last couple of years, backpacks were amongst the hottest trends. A shoulder bag may seem like a stylish option, but having back pain is not a good look. From soft leather bags to canvas styles that can take a beating we tend to look for durable bags that would hold day-to-day essentials, without compromising on style.


2 Tote Bags

Bags that we wear on the weekends or in the evenings can be small, fun and stylish, really anything that suits your mood! However, bags that we use every day have to be first of all functional. Those can be used for work and – perhaps – a neutral, large tote is the perfect solution for what’s required in our professional lives.

The go-to tote is usually a leather tote for many reasons but mainly for their quality and durability. This is definitely what we can call an “investment piece” since will supposedly see you through a lifetime of wardrobe crises.

Tip: “The texture, smell and strength of the leather should be obviously superior. If the stitching is uneven and different sizes, it’s an indication that it could be a fake.”

Tote bag


3 The “Neverfull” Bag


One of “hardiest” bag out there can fill up to 3,5 KG, accessible to a wider audience. Practical and timeless. High marks for functionality and comfort and looking great all the same with its famous LV pattern and red striped fabric on the interior. It has a large zip pocket on the interior, and also comes with a small pouch to prevent your small items from spilling out all over the bottom of the tote.


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