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The Institute of Art and Ideas announce a brand new series of live events in London 2018

Three unique evenings of debate, discussion and music at The Store, 180 The Strand in will engage with the ideas at the cutting-edge of contemporary culture

Taking place from February to April, the Institute of Art and Ideas has today announced a new trio of unique live events at a renowned cultural venue The Store at 180 The Strand, home to London Fashion Week 2017.

the sto

Heading up the series is The Future of the Post-Truth World event that will take place on February 6th.

During the evening a debate will explore what it means to live in a world of contradictory perspectives and untrustworthy truths. Beginning as an attack on deceitful politics, ‘post-truth’ has fast become the description of our age. Is the digital revolution a force for democracy or a route to chaos? And, if ‘post-truth’ is an unavoidable predicament, how might we make the world a better place?

This event will be followed up by The Self and Selfie on March 6th. Exposing the fine line between narcissism and genius, this exciting evening of a contemporary debate will analyse the way we view vanity, arrogance and creative genius in the world of Generation Selfie. Salvador Dali once quipped there was no greater joy than waking up as himself. Does focusing on yourself rather than others really bring happiness and success? Or does self-obsession damage social cohesion?

The final event in the series will be Food, Facts and Fantasy on 3 rd April. In a progressive evening of debate, they’ll be challenging whether it’s time to radically rethink our relationship with Mother Earth. As biologists predict the upcoming extinction of humankind, is it time to revolutionise how we eat in order to change the course of history? Or is human dominance a brutal yet natural outcome of evolution?

For more information visit:
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